Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Available Seramas!

It's been a hatching Spring for me and it honestly felt good to have babies again!  However, the broodys wouldn't quit and gave me a lot of babies!  I still have about 20 that will be available in September and October too!  This is the link to the FB album where you can find which ones are still available.  All of them will be taken to the Oregon Poultry Swap in Brownsville, OR (my other passion and project) on August 1st and the younger ones will be at the Fall Swap in Corvallis, OR on October 10th.

Since they were broody raised, they aren't into posing or even having photos taken at this point! They are still in the taming down phase of their lives.

I only sell pairs or single cockerels - local sales (OR/WA) - no shipping.  I also have two older cockerels (6 months old) available that refused photos completely.  The Seramas in the album range in age from 2 months to 4 months old.  Pairs are $40-$50 each, cockerels based on quality and feathering.  Please contact me for more information! Oh, and please be prepared to answer a lot of questions if you haven't bought birds from me before :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm back!

Or still here...however you would like to look at it :)  I know this website has been dormant and I put all egg sales on hold, but my little siesta is over and I'm getting things back up and running.  I took the break to get my non-profit in Oregon on track, which left little time for my hobbies.  I also lost Zephyr in November which was heartbreaking and made me think twice about continuing.  I have definitely scaled back and will continue to do so but I do have eggs for sale again and will have birds for sale locally from time to time.  Sorry, still no shipping.  Thank you to those who continued to follow my website and my FB page.  Please continue to be patient as I get things back up to speed....

RIP Zephyr 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do you see what I see?

Have you ever wondered what..and how...your chickens see?  This is a very fascinating blog article by Fresh Eggs Daily to answer those questions!

Do you see what I see?

Castle Delight Serama chicks

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lots of "First" Babies for my babies....

So I wanted to share a couple.

They were all hatched by others around the country.  CDS babies are pretty much in every state now!!!  So exciting!!!

You can see more photos of babies hatched by others on my Castle Delight Seramas Facebook page.

Darius' First Baby

Bonaparte's First Baby

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Updated Photos - Finally!

I've been taking advantage of our beautiful, sunny Fall weather here in Oregon to get updated photos of my Seramas.  I still have quite a few Nests to go, but I'm getting there!  Be sure to check out the Nest pages and keep checking over the next week or two as I finish the photo shoots in the Castle.

A few fun photo of Ethan and Pippa, my newest Booted pair.  I've been having people on Facebook caption it.  What would be your caption for this photo?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still so very behind....

on news and updates from the Castle.  I apologize.  I have spent most of the late summer after returning from Canada and early autumn working on my annual poultry swap here in Corvallis.  At the same time, we added another venue to the growing group of swaps in Oregon, so I'm very behind on all my personal "business" including this website.  I have only recently been able to catch up on the cleaning and rearranging of the CDS rooms and Seramas.  Everyone is doing really well, new Nests have started laying and babies are hatching all over the country.  I just recently sent a shipment of eggs to Alaska - the first ever!

On a sad note, I lost Cordelia last week to a freak incident with my dog.  Technically, it was a predator loss, but was not intentional or malicious. I've learned that many things - good and bad - can happen when you have poultry and dogs together.  This was a learning experience, a very sad one.

Please keep an eye out for new Nest posts and updated photos over the next month as I try to get caught up with life in the Castle!

Friday, August 23, 2013

So behind on CDS news....

and so sorry to have the first post in a long time be a sad one.

Janie is gone. She drown in her water dish last night, a shallow one at that. I feel so awful and guilty and completely heartbroken. I haven't stopped crying since it happened. I know better than to get so attached to an animal, but I still do. She was my little sweetheart and was getting better after her last bout of vitamin deficiency and stress though still struggling at times to stay steady on her feet. She went through so much and fought back and was fighting back again. The videos of her running around the house in her diaper, pecking on the wine fridge, flying down the stairs....I know she so wanted to do those things again. If I had taken her with me on vacation, if I had checked on her sooner, if I had used a different waterer...if, if, if.... I tried to revive her, even giving her mouth-to-mouth (yes, to a chicken) but she died in my arms, looking at me. This one is going to hurt for a very long time. I have decided to bury her in my new flower garden, the one she could see from the window near her cage.  She will add life and beauty and be apart of it forever.  Sleep sweet my dear baby. You are my special little one. 

Janie making the house her own, including the dog's dishes